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Dear Artist,

great that you have found our page for the series of house concerts we have been organising since 2012. Here we want to give you an idea what to expect and a rough outline what an evening with us would include (and what not), so you can match it with your expectations prior to reaching out to us.

We are not professional or semi-professional concert organisers or booking agents, but lovers of good music and supporters of live music and cultural diversity. Our first and foremost criteria for booking an artist or band is our personal music taste (which is quite wide) and secondly the evaluation if the music will have an initial draw for our crowd of regulars and guests.

What we offer is a intimate space to present your music with a crowd of attentive listening guests. You can stay in our 2 guestrooms, where we can accommodate up to 5 or 6 people, given that a mixture of beds, mattresses and airbeds are suitable. We will cater to all your dietary needs and requirements during your stay. Drinks are naturally also on us. We take any food restrictions or allergies into consideration during your stay.

As these events are purely privately organised, we can only offer payment on basis of „pass the hat“ / artist donations, generally without a guaranteed amount. We can accommodate up to 30 guests and give a suggestion of 15-20€ per person for the donation, but the amount is discretionary for the guests. On average we have had 15-20 guests over the last 100+ concerts. We encourage the artists to publicise the concerts to their fanbase as well to draw in people, as the events are open to anyone after registration.

We prefer acoustic or semi-acoustic concerts, but we do have a small sound system and some equipment available, if needed. Please inquire if you need details.

We usually book a full concert season in advance in September for the following year, but sometimes there are short-noticed openings due to cancellations or re-bookings. Please understand that we get so many inquiries from artists that it sometimes takes a few years until we can find the right spot for you and your music. We try to answer all inquiries as quickly as possible, also giving an indication how likely it is that a booking as per your request can be done. If we decide not to pursue a booking with you, that is not in any way a judgement on your art, but just an indication that we are not the right location for it.

If you are interested in coming and playing for us, please fill out the below contact form with your information.

Thank you for your music and interest in us.

Karin & Dietmar

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